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Good value and eco-friendly / state-of-the-art technology / your own design

Advertising flags

Good value and eco-friendly

Advertising flags are one of the cheapest and most environmentally friendly forms of advertising. They do not cost more that placing just a single newspaper advertisement. Your logo and your company colours are constantly in the limelight.

State-of-the-art technology

We specialise particularly in the manufacture of special productions of all kinds, either as a small print run for private persons, smaller commercial enterprises, clubs, etc. or as serial production runs for large undertakings with hundreds of branches.

Your own design

We established a good reputation on high quality printed flags. We can print almost any design you can think of - your wish is our command: your company logo, club emblem or even beautiful full-colour designs.


National flags

National flags express and symbolize the independence and sovereignty of a country. National flags represent the history of individual races.
International flags are delivered ex stock in various sizes.

We supply community flags in all sizes, panel or landscape format, as upright flags or banners. Depending on application and quantity, we print or sew the flags: for large quantities we print the whole flag on state-of-the-art screen print machines, for small quantities or single copies we print just the emblem in digital print and sew it onto the desired background colours.



As one-stop flag supplier we offer you every kind of accessory for your flags. We have a broad range of flagpoles made of aluminium, epoxy-glass resin and wood.

Some of our flagpoles are equipped with extension arms so that the flags are always visible in full size, even if it is calm.

For short-term use we recommend transportable telescope flagpoles, for indoor use we offer special blower poles which make your banners look good in inside areas as well..



Banners are an excellent complement to flag advertising. No matter whether applied as interior or exterior advertising textile, they are effective and always reach the desired target group. Banners are particularly suitable for advertising and for public events. They can be applied in various ways - for indoor and outdoor areas - and are simple to mount. They attract attention and communicate your company image or your product beautifully.

From low-cost fleece-rolls for do-it-yourself-cutting to high-quality vinyl canvas with both-sided print: we have the right material for every purpose. Our all-purpose standard material is flag material made from knitted polyester with reinforced edges (important for dimensional stability) and metal loops for easy application.

Large Format

With the UltraVu 5300 one of the world's most modern ink-jet printers for large-format image production is available. From 1500 jets the ink jet drops are affixed to the various substrates in piezo technology. The high light fastness of the colours is documented in a shelf life ranging between 1.5 and 2 years, and with an additional surface treatment even up to 4 years. In digital pigment printing (DPD procedure) we process flexible materials for the interior and exterior with material widths of up to 5 m. These individually printed widths can be linked by means of high-frequency welding so that practically any end format is possible.

The application range of large-format images is formidable: point of purchase, banners & signage, billboards, exhibition graphics, backlit displays, wall murals, outdoor graphics, stage graphics and much more.


Table banners

Strong signs for strong companies.
Indispensable to press conferences, shareholders´ meetings and conference rooms.

We realise your corporate design with great detail and mix our printing colours according to your colour specification in Pantone. Custom products with gold -colours or individual pennant shape are our speciality. Even photo motives with high resolution are no problem for us.


Suitable for our table banners we offer high-quality table banner stands with elegant style in chrome or wood.

The table banner stand Chrome Standard is 40 cm high and equipped with a round wire base and a black end cap.

The table banner stand Chrome Prestige is our top model fully equipped with a solid base, a non-slip underlay and an aesthetic end cap. This model is 40 cm high, hard chromium plated and very stable due to its weight of about 350 grams. The base is detachable.

The table banner stand Wood Standard is our basic model with a height of 42 cm, a wooden base and a small hook. This model can be delivered with pale, nature or dark lacquer.

The table banner stand Wood Exclusive is also 42 cm high and available with pale, nature or dark lacquer. In addition to our standard model the exclusive model is characterised by an elegant base with non-slip underlay.
With our wide range of products we have the right solution for every need and equip your company events with table banners, flag display stands, lanyards, control wristbands and identity cards.




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