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Stage-Banner / PA Wings

  • micro-perforated special fabric - wind and sound can easily pass through, suitable for putting on boxes and woofers
  • flame retardant (according to the German B1 standard)
  • finishing with reinforced edges and metal-eyelets - easy and quick mounting everywhere.
  • 4c digital print
  • every kind of motive possible (festival logo, photos, sponsoring companies' brands)
  • custom-made size - any size possible - short delivery time


Beachflags with their exclusive imprint are the modern, up to date flag equipment for indoor and outdoor use.

Due to the characteristic shape of the beachflag the imprint is visible with still air as well.

Print is on one side with best possible print through, the backside appears mirror inverted.

A pole is inserted within a seam, sewn at the curved side of the flag. This pole is telescopic, made of aluminum (lower part, for stability) and fibre glass (upper part, for flexibility) and enables the flag its unique shape.

3 sizes are available:

1. length of pole 250 cm (flag 172 cm)
2. length of pole 340 cm (flag 250 cm)
3. length of pole 450 cm (flag 335 cm)



Standard Banner

Banners are also suitable for advertisment on the access roads and fences or marking the entrances. For these purposes we offer our standard banner quality.

banner event flat fence cover   banner event flat fence cover



Easy Display

Light and flexible. This first-rate talent will accentuate your advertising message at optimal cost. Easy Display can be assembled on site within a few seconds without any tools.

The perfect from for your motive printed on high gloss flag material.

The aluminium cords on the upper and lower edge allow for a quick change of the motives, the transport of rack and flag becomes a piece of cake with the included transport quiver.

The light aluminium design consists of a base, 3 telescopic rods and 2 cords.

For accelerating assembly the single rods are connected with an inside elastic band.
Graphic size: 80 x 200 cm
Weight without flag: 1.9 kg
included: transport quiver (O 13,5 cm, length 81 cm)


Horse Show awards rosette ribbons

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