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Sport/Fan/Poster flags

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Poster flags and band flags

THE wall decoration for dyed-in-the-wool fans
Standard sizes are 75 x 110 cm and 100 x 150 cm, other sizes on request.
Material: high quality polyester, machine washable
Backed up with webbing on all four sides and provided with sturdy metal eyelets, packed individually
Minimum quantity 50 pieces
Korn Posterflagge Bandfahne Flagge Fahne Flag

Sportflags and fanflags

 We are the largest supplier of flags in Austrian sports and produce flags for famous clubs like Rapid Wien, Austria Wien, GAK, Sturm Graz and Salzburg. According to our principles we supply not only top level football clubs, but smaller clubs from areas like ice hockey, volley ball, handball and basketball as well.

In addition to low-cost colour prints we offer sophisticated photo print for complex logos with colour gradients and realistic pictures as well.
The flag's back-side shows the motive as mirror-inverted print-through.

We confection our sports flags with hemstitch on the left side for inserting a flagstaff. All other sides are carefully seamed to ensure a long durability of the flag, even under heavy use. Standard sizes are 70 x 100 cm (children flag) and 100 x 140 cm (XL-flag).




Car pennants

The classical size for fan pennants.
This kind of pennant is especially popular with large football clubs who run their own merchandising. Due to its economy-price you can easily resell these pennants in large numbers. People just love to hang their favourite pennants up on driving mirrors or collect them at home

We also provide the opportunity for smaller clubs to represent themselves in a professional manner. The pennants are produced with screen print technology which offers brilliant colours with high fastness and long durability. No compromise at the cost of quality.

The pennants are printed on both sides and sewed with a cord of your choice. Apart from the classical triangle shape we offer several other models as well, if you are not sure which shape suits best to your club logo it is our pleasure to advise you.

Large pennants

The maximum size - just the right measure for the exchange of pennants at friendly games or league matches.
This pennant represents your club and what your club stands for - and it makes sure that your opponent will remember you for a long time.

The classical shape for pennants of this size is certainly the triangle which gets extra stability by a sewn-in crossbar at the upper edge. Since this kind of pennant will be hung up a wall of fame it is printed on one side only.

For large clubs with own merchandising these pennants provide the top range of fan articles which are often ordered as custom product for special occasions.


Pennants of honour

The premium pennant for very special occassions.
Hand-embroidered on finest silk, with decoration bar and golden or silver cord.
For the exchange of pennants in international league matches or as present of honour and precious prize at sporting events.



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