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Woven Labels

Similar to printed labels there are different qualities for woven labels as well. They do not differ in basic material, but in bond type and weft density.

Woven labels are preponderating made of sophisticated polyester yarns which allow for high tensile strength and detailed motive realisation due to their small diameter.

In addition we also offer traditional cotton yarns for nature-orientated labels with simple motives (due to the larger yarn diameter).

Taft labels are low-cost standard labels for colourful motives (with up to 12 colours) and small quantities. They are woven with 30 picks per cm and can easily be identified by the floating yarns on the backside of the label. Since they are very thin dark motive colours can shine through light background colours.

A special kind of taft labels can be accomplished by weaving an additional background colour: so you can achieve sophisticated backgrounds (e.g. herringbone, Panama) and colour designs.

Satin labels are made of noble satin yarns. Due to a very high warp density and special warp material (brilliant white or matt) we achieve the typical closed satin surface. The weaving points which are typical for the taft quality can be avoided by using a strand warp. For small quantities we offer this quality only with white background.

Colour-satin labels are labels of superior quality. The high texture density with a weft density of 52 to 56 picks per cm allows for a detailed weaving of very small motives.

You can choose every background colour you like, the colours become very colourfast


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