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Earth-Friendly is our eco-friendly green product line made of recycled and renewable materials. The perfect choice for eco-conscious events in response to an increasing demand from costumers.
All products are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, either renewable plant based fibers or recycled plastics. Our earth-friendly products at your next event help to save the environment and for you as the promoter it is a step towards becoming a greener event.
The new generation of festival- and event-visitors is more than ever interested in sustainability.
Wristbands made of recycled polyester:
recycelt Recycling umweltfreundlich
Wristbands with self-locking closure made of wood (hybrid closure of plastic and wood - uses 50% less plastic )
Wooden wristband closure

Chip tags for wristbands made of wood:

Chip Tag Holz woodWood NFC RFID chip tag plaettchen plättchen
Chipcards made of wood:
Chipkarten Cards Holz Papier wood paper
Chipcards made of paper:
Chipkarte card Papier paper
Avoid garbage piles of plastic ! Go earth-friendly!
Festivalmüll Plastikberge Müllberge

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