Heliotextil Environmental Management Policy

Heliotextil is committed to conserving the environment and treating natural resources with care and respect. This applies as much to our production processes as to our products.

The assessment of the environmental effects of our products begins as early as the development stage. It is our aim to go beyond legal requirements to prevent environmental pollution or to reduce it to an absolute minimum.

At Heliotextil, everyone bears responsibility for environmental protection.

1. We work continuously towards reducing the burden on the environment and the use of energy and resources, above and beyond the legal requirements.
Heliotextil is committed to minimisation of waste and the recycling of materials. Where appropriate, energy management systems will be installed to minimise our energy consumption.

2. We take appropriate precautions to prevent damage to the environment.
Heliotextil maintains a high level of vigilance over its activities and products to ensure any possible damage to the environment is minimised.

3. The potential impact on the environment is assessed and incorporated in product and process planning at the earliest possible stage.
Heliotextil was one of the first Austrian companies to elevate the design of environmental compatible products to a binding corporate standard. Our strategy of integrated environmental protection begins with product development and the design of our plants. To guide our planners and designers in their work we have formulated our own rigorous environmental regulations. These apply to the design, production and use of our products, as well as to their ultimate disposal and recycling.

4. Potential impact on the environment is assessed and managed in relation to buildings used by Heliotextil.

Regular monitoring of buildings takes place to ensure compliance with best practice and legal obligations. It covers such areas as discharges into water courses, emissions into the air, waste and energy, health and safety.

5. We ensure that our environmental policy is implemented effectively, by applying appropriate environmental management. The technical and organisation procedures required to do this are monitored regularly.
Each subcontractor is encouraged to implement an environmental management system and, if appropriate, apply for ISO 14000 status.

6. We encourage each subcontractor to act in an environmentally conscious manner. It is a constant task of management to increase and encourage awareness of our responsibility towards the environment at all levels.
Heliotextil, with its suppliers and customers, strives for the best possible environmental practices, such as the promotion of recycling and minimisation of waste in all areas.