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HTEX Wristbands – The ultimate in security wristbands. High-quality marking for event visitors and VIP

Major events across Europe and beyond have embraced the HTEX Woven Wristband as their preferred wristband choice because of their highly customisable qualities ensuring the highest levels of branding, greatest difficulty in replication and overall excellent levels of security.

High colour intensity, by selecting from a pallet of 200 colours, can be achieved. The use of strong background colours offers maximum effect allowing for differentiation between access rights or age verification. For example bright yellow may mean one day access, bright green may mean two day access or VIP access.

Wristbands Festival Event VIP

Something extra: In addition to the excellent flexibility in design and superior strength, woven wristbands offer something extra, additional advertising possibilities or leverage to encourage sponsors as shown in the example photographs.


Our premium quality and high weaving definition allow the perfect integration of your logo and offer additional advertising possibilities for your sponsors.

With a size of 15 x 350 mm our woven wristbands have lots of space for gorgeous eye-catchers and useful information.

For the design of the wristbands more that 200 colours are available. Since we weave our wristbands in a premium quality high definition with 52 picks per cm we can integrate writings which are as small as 1 mm.

The big advantage of weaving in comparison to traditional printing can be seen in the fact that our wristbands cannot be replicated or copied without your authorisation. While it is easy to print on ready-made ribbons it is not possible to weave the ribbon itself in our quality without large and highly specialised machinery. Your wristbands will be woven from the bottom on with your customisded design. No simple print onto some carrier material.

Weaving loom:

Other advantages are the high colour intensity of our wristbands and the incredible resistance of the materials used: the wristbands could even be machine-washed and the edges are welded to prevent them from fraying.

Wristbands Events Festivals VIPWristbands Events Festivals VIP

For classifying your customers we weave the wristbands with different background colours so you can easily mark single days, combi tickets and VIPs.

Before we get to production we e-mail you a detailed draft to check and approve. Thereby we avoid misunderstandings and produce only what you really want.



  • fully customisable

  • soft and comfortable to wear

  • non-transferable and tamper-proof

  • high impact multiple colour design capability

  • perfect protection against replication or copying

  • fast and easy to fit

  • can withstand extensive wear and tear

  • great advertising possibilities

  • exact weaving of small details like company brands

  • high colour intensity with strong background colours

  • people just love it

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