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Silk-Screen Printing

Sublimation Printing




Silk-Screen Printing:

Screen printing is one of the most popular methods of transferring designs onto the lanyards. It starts with placing the image into a film positive. Doing so, allows you to put your desired image on the silk screen. Afterwards, the image can be transferred by forcing the ink through holes. Screen printed lanyards are typically printed in one or two colours on one or both sides. Single-sided printing is most common and more cost effective. Work best with simple designs.

Lanyard Siebdruck

Lanyard Siebdruck


Lanyard Siebdruck

Sublimation Printing:

For multi-colour imprints on both sides dye sublimation is the way to go. With dye sublimated lanyards the desired artwork is transmitted digitally to a special sheet and then transferred by using heat and pressure onto the lanyard strap. Hereby the lanyards get extra soft with a velvety surface feel. Work best with sophisticated logos and designs.  

Lanyard Sublimation

Lanyard Sublimationsdruck



Woven lanyards are a workhorse lanyard. Tough and hardwearing, these lanyards will last, whilst proudly displaying your embroidered logo and/or message in up to 2 weave colours. Woven lanyards are increasingly popular due to their quality feel and finish. Work best with simpler logos.

Lanyards gewebt


Satin lanyards consist of your logo woven (up to 4 solid colours) onto beautiful quality satin ribbon and stitched onto a ribbed polyester lanyard in your colour of choice. The satin ribbon is available in a range of complementary colours to suit your corporate colours. Please enquire for more information. Satin lanyards are strong, stunning and quite simply one of the finest lanyards available... the executive choice!

Lanyard Premium


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