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VIP Passes

Heliotextil provides a complete solution for Eye Catching, High Quality PVC and Plastic Cards to meet your needs. We can design and print cards of different sizes, printed in either Full Colour or Mono. What differentiates our cards from others is that ours are printed directly onto the card and are not laminated. (The problem with Lamination is that the laminate can easily separate from the card creating shabby looking cards). This is why Heliotextil prints DIRECTLY onto the Plastic Card, providing a quality and durable finish.

The PVC and Plastic cards can include features such as Magnetic Strips, Signature Panels, Barcoding, Sequential Numbering, Holograms, Hole Punching, Security Scratch-offs, Foil stamping and embossing.Lanyards VIP Pass VIP Badge

  • made of high quality PVC
  • double-sided 4c print possible
  • with optional punch hole for putting on lanyard 

There are three standard sizes available:

  • Size M: 54 x 85.5 mm (credit card size)
  • Size L: 63 x 98 mm
  • Size XL: 70 x 110 mm
  • other sizes on request

Heliotextil can integrate RFID technology with VIP passes. Using RFID for access control opens up endless possibilities for cashless payment, brand activation and social media integration.

RFID NFC cards cashless card RFID NFC card cards cashless karte karten



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