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When it comes to badges we distinguish woven badges with edging and woven celebration badges.

Woven badges with edging are the next generation of traditional embroidered badges and offer numerous advantages:

  • small minimum quantity (50 pcs.)
  • favourable price/performance ratio with strong price digression (i.e. decreasing price with increasing quantity)
  • supreme confection with edging and fleece lamination on the back side
  • high weaving resolution and realisation of small details due to state-of-the-art weaving technology
  • individual design in shape, colour and size

Woven celebration badges are traditionally manufactured with serrated cut and/or buttonhole and are mostly ordered for medium or large quantities. Compared to the cheap paper model woven badges are characterised by their high-quality appearance and their colourful and weatherproof design.

  • custom-made entry ticket for town, club and other celebrations
  • custom-made design according to your ideas (in case of need our graphic department takes pleasure in giving you artistic advice)
  • serrated cut prevents the badges from fraying out
  • ready-made confection with buttonhole or threaded safety pin
  • different sizes
  • strong motive colours due to thread-coloured weaving yarns

For small quantities between 10 and 50 pcs. we produce badges in digital print. Due to their high wash resistance (up to 90 degree) they are especially suited for working clothes, beside they can be printed with as many colours you like.

These badges will be delivered with edging and fleece lamination on the back side.

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