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Custom made

Our multi-contactor.

Rarely has a product made such an impact on its first market appearance as the Heliotextil Key Chain. This multi-contact advertiser serves as a first-rate practical eye-catcher for every type of event or as a fashionable give-away and is guaranteed to spread your promotional message.


Your Logo can be integrated in every conceivable colour and shape on the Heliotextil lanyards. Whether printed or woven, whether in one or more colours, we can customise each band to your own Corporate Design.

The fabrics and threads used are dyed in your Pantone (PMS) colours, then woven and printed. You can of course also choose between a breadth of between 1 and 2.5 cm as well as from a whole variety of clips and fasteners.


Nowadays the must-have accessory for the young and trendy target group, this item is particularly popular due to its high-quality finish and its multi-functionality. The wearer can put it to so many uses, in sport for instance, or even to make a fashion statement.


Robust and safe.

The robust Sec-Lock clip guarantees maximum safety for keys or neck bags. The Clip-Lock allows a key to be removed with ease, to open a door for instance.


A very popular innovation of ours are climbing hook key tags. For quantities larger than 3,000 pcs. we can even enamel the climbing hook in your personal colour.



To highlight your product's individual character we offer single package for our key chains and lanyards.

The single package increases the key chain's optical value as a promotional gift or give-away and thereby ensures your perfect esteem to your customer.