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In view of the fact that flags and banners have the largest print format we need the best graphic files for their production.

Scale: The layout should be made in a scale of 1:10.

Colours: If your layout contains spot colours they have to be indicated according to the corresponding colour system (e.g. Pantone) so we can mix the colour according to your specification. Of course there can be a slight colour deviation since colour charts are printed on paper while we are working on textile materials with different refraction, structure and glint. Apart from this you have to consider the light which is shining through the flag.

Screen/Photo/Digital print: in this printing technology spot colours are depicted in a 4c screen print. Given the different colour spaces there may be colour deviations of about 5 percent, depending on the single colour.

Graphic files: the graphic files have to be created as editable vector graphic files. If you have no such graphic files we can do the necessary work for you at an hourly rate of Euro 70.

Fonts: all used fonts should be converted to vectors.

Resolution: The minimum resolution for photo motives is 300 dpi in a scale of 1:10. Please do not send your data in jpg resp. eps with jpg-compression.


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