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Heliotextil AvancePay RFID NFC Wristbands

Heliotextil and the Swiss high-tech company AvancePay intensify their cooperation by joining their forces.

The woven HTEX-Wristbands will be supplied by Heliotextil. The bands come with the RFID tag and closure attached.

Avance Pay takes care for RFID system and support service.

Avance Pay's patented NFC-based cash- & contactless payment system is offline-capable. This means it continues to work in the event of an interruption in data communication. The terminals remain fully functional, and problem-free operation is ensured even in case of system overload or temporary network failures at the event location.

There is no need for any infrastructure, no need for a mobile communication network and no need for WLAN.

Therefore the innovative system is more efficient, more stable and cheaper than other systems.

RFID NFC Wristbands

RFID NFC cashless payment cards wristbands tags


Superior Security - with AvanceEvent Technology!

Maximum security and reliability is the most important factor for us, especially when it comes to your guests' money.

That is why AvancePay - as a NFC-payment specialist - has developed a closed payment system that works 100% offline and secures all transaction data 3-fold.


 How does it work? It's simple!

The data medium is charged with money or registered as authorized access. Simply hold the RFID chip up to the entry control or payment terminal and your access authorization is granted or money debited.

Key is, you only need an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet for your terminal, on which AvancePay uploads its software.


How is the data medium loaded?

a) via your ticketing partners

b) with a print@home voucher

c) using your own mobile phone

d) from the comfort of your home

e) or in cash on the spot.

Best of all: integrating your existing ticketing system including AccessControl is possible at any time!


Much effort needed on-site? Hardly!

No more annoying wiring or complex and costly infrastructure for cashless payment. AvancePay systems do not need permanent Internet connection or electricity, and function independent of the event infrastructure.

Our technicians come directly to you, train your staff and after 2 hours, everything is ready. You can relax and attend to the other challenges of your daily business!

 NFC RFID NFC compatible smarthphone


What possibilities does AvanceEvent provide? Lots!

1. Contactless Payment and Access Control

• increase your sales by more than 15% * and prevent misuse (* lowest average of all our customers)

• use wristband, smart card or customer mobile with App as a method of payment

• load credit and receive refunds online, in cash or via mobile phones

• use prepaid payment models or issue postpaid bills

• accept debit cards, credit cards and cash

• verify the guests' age (alcohol, access)

• install accreditation solutions for the press, artists, VIPs and staff


2. NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets as mobile and stationary POS systems

• use as full featured cash register system - including mobile POS software developed especially for events


3. Perfectly tailored marketing and customer loyalty programs

• capture user data and analyze buying behavior

• carry out targeted advertising campaigns (Brand Activation)

• integrate customer loyalty programs and CRM systems

• implement social media programmes


4. Simplify administrative and organizational tasks

• analyze sales and customer flows

• perform cost accounting and controlling, incl. assessment of relevant entry lines for accounting

• generate realtime reports

• equip staff with KeyCards for settlement control  


Examples for RFID tags for wristbands:

 RFID tags

Cash- & contactless payment is also possible with PVC cards (e.g. is credit card size). In contrast to the HTEX RFID Wristbands - RFID cards are transferable though.


Contact us:

Tel: +43 1 533 03 35

Mail: info@heliotextil.at


 For more details regarding cash- & contactless payment please click following logo: 

Avance Pay logo




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