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Whether large or small, more and more European events switch to cashless payment processing.

As a quality leader and innovation pioneer, Heliotextil was the first provider in Europe to use the combination of two product worlds on the event market: the application of special RFID tags on high-quality control wristbands made of fabric (HTEX wristbands).

RFID tags NFC cashless payment wristbands bracelets armband festival chip chips

As partners, several renowned RFID system providers rely on our years of experience, quality and short delivery times at reasonable prices.

The woven HTEX control wristbands are delivered ready to use from Heliotextil (with an applied RFID chip/tag and closure). The contact- and cashless payment system is also possible with chip cards (for example in credit card size). In contrast to the HTEX RFID wristbands, these are transferable.

Chipkarten Tags NFC RFID Karten

We would be happy to recommend one of our partners to take over the RFID system processing and support.

If you already have a (regional) RFID partner, we are happy to supply you with RFID wristbands and / or RFID cards of all common chip types depending on your requirements. Only high-quality NFC chips from Europe are used. These chips ensure the highest security standards and guaranteed readability even with high usage – they are re-writeable even after 1000 transactions.

 RFID tag Plättchen

The contactless and cashless payment system increases security, saves time, is easy to use and reduces waiting times.

A regular cash payment process takes a lot of for event guests e.g. by spending change. With cashless payment, the duration is reduced to a minimum. There is no need to have cash with you at all times. The system increases security, peace of mind and transparency for visitors when making payments.

The environment is protected as all cosumption receipts are transmitted transparently online only.

For the organizer, the use of this technology has the advantage that catering no longer has to handle cash, which is not to be neglected for security reasons alone. Before cashless payment was used, a lot of cash had to be moved from various places at the event, which means that you have to have safes on site, security transports and ultimately the transport to the bank. This often means that you have to wait until the next working day to hand over your money safely.

RFID wristband NFC cashless payment

How does it work? It's simple!

The data medium is charged with money or registered as authorized access. Simply hold the RFID chip up to the entry control or payment terminal and your access authorization is granted or money debited.


How is the data medium loaded?

a) via your ticketing partners

b) with a print@home voucher

c) using your own mobile phone

d) from the comfort of your home

e) or in cash on the spot.

Integrating your existing ticketing system including AccessControl is possible at any time!


Much effort needed on-site? Hardly!

No more annoying wiring or complex and costly infrastructure for cashless payment. The cashless payment systems do not need permanent Internet connection or electricity, and function independent of the event infrastructure.

Technicians come directly to you, train your staff and after 2 hours, everything is ready. You can relax and attend to the other challenges of your daily business!


What possibilities can be provided?

1. Contactless Payment and Access Control

• increase your sales by more than 15% * and prevent misuse (* lowest average of all our customers)

• use wristband, smart card or customer mobile with App as a method of payment

• load credit and receive refunds online, in cash or via mobile phones

• use prepaid payment models or issue postpaid bills

• accept debit cards, credit cards and cash

• verify the guests' age (alcohol, access)

• install accreditation solutions for the press, artists, VIPs and staff


2. NFC-enabled smartphones or tablets as mobile and stationary POS systems

• use as full featured cash register system - including mobile POS software developed especially for events


3. Perfectly tailored marketing and customer loyalty programs

• capture user data and analyze buying behavior

• carry out targeted advertising campaigns (Brand Activation)

• integrate customer loyalty programs and CRM systems

• implement social media programmes


4. Simplify administrative and organizational tasks

• analyze sales and customer flows

• perform cost accounting and controlling, incl. assessment of relevant entry lines for accounting

• generate realtime reports

• equip staff with KeyCards for settlement control  


Examples for RFID tags for wristbands:

 RFID tags

Cash- & contactless payment is also possible with PVC cards (e.g. is credit card size). In contrast to the HTEX RFID Wristbands - RFID cards are transferable though.

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