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Highest level of Security and protection against replication or copying.

Perhaps the single most important element of a wristband is its level of security. HTEX Woven Wristbands tackle this from both of the main elements of security; Replication (copying) and removal / re-application.

  1. Replication: It is virtually impossible to replicate a woven wristband. Unlike other wristbands that are simply printed onto, woven wristbands are weaved on large highly specialised machines.
  2. Re-application: HTEX woven wristbands are attached onto the arm using Heliotextil’s high security locks. Once locked into place it cannot be adjusted or removed without cutting or damaging



All over the world

Currently we are supplying our HTEX wristband system to more than 60 countries all over the world, incl. West and East Europe, Scandinavia, United States and Canada, Latin America, Gulf States, Japan, South Africa and Australia. In many countries we have distributors who would be pleased to assist you. Please contact us for further details.


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