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RFID NFC Wristbands

The bands are already threaded with the RFID tag plus the closure and packed 50 pieces per bag.

In addition to the RFID tags for the festival wristbands we also provide RFID cards (cashless cards) with all common chip types depending on your requirements. These are individually printed (4c direct printing). Many extras are possible, such as double-sided printing, punching, coding, chip initialization.
Furthermore, RFID cards can include additional security features such as magnetic stripes, signature fields, barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, PIN, scratch fields, holograms and embossing.
Please note that unlike the HTEX RFID wristbands, the RFID cards are transferable.
RFID NFC cashless payment cards Karten Bezahlkarten



RFID provides and enables:

  • an extra layer of fraud protection
  • access control (additional protection against manipulation and quicker controls at the entrances)
  • cashless payment
  • social-media integration
  • age verification (concerning alcohol consumption for example)
  • advertising campaign (brand activation)
  • optimisation of visitor experience

We are happy to refer to our green product line “Earth Friendly”. The RFID tags and RFID cards are made from environmentally friendly materials, either biodegradable or made from recycled plastics. See Earth Friendly

Advantages Cashless Payment:

  • No cash (greater security)
  • Growth in sales by 15 % in average (on the strength of past experience)
  • Saving personnel costs
  • Faster service and reduced queuing times
  • Contactless payment by chip attached on the wristband
  • Very user-friendly. All you need is a NFC able smartphone/tablet and a RFID wristband
  • System is online and offline fully operational
  • Complete cash desk system. Set up for events. Mobile, stable and quickly installed.
  • Sale analysis, buying behaviour and costumer flow analysis in real time
If you require any further information please feel free to contact us. - info@heliotextil.at



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