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          What are woven wristbands?
The woven wristband is a high quality single layer polyester band which can have a multicoloured design woven into it. This is a completely customisable security band, can be PMS colour matched and logo design matched.

          How many colours can I have?
You can have up to 200 colours within your design so you can be pretty creative.

          How much do they cost?
The custom woven wristbands are available on request. The price is the same regardless of the number of colours required. Price changes depending on the quantity ordered. Please contact us with your requirements.

          How long can the woven wristbands be worn?
The woven wristbands have been developed for multiple-day events. These are comfortable, lightweight band to wear. It can withstand extensive wear and tear, lend themselves to becoming souvenir or collectors item

          Can woven wristbands be numbered?
Yes, Woven Wristbands can be sequentially numbered.

          Who is using woven wristbands?
Major Events across Europe have embraced the Woven Wristband as their preferred wristband choice because of their highly customisable qualities ensuring the highest levels of branding, greatest difficulty in replication and overall excellent levels of security.

Virtually all major music festivals in Europe are using our technology

          Delivery times?
Depending on quantity and capacity utilisation. Approximately 2-3 weeks upon approved draft ex works. Rush production on request

          Does Heliotexil act as sponsor?
Yes, with our discreet sponsor text on your wristband we allow a 10 % discount on band prices.

         How can I get in contact with you?
Different channels of communication can be used. As leading European supplier of Woven Wristbands and accessories the internet is our preferred communication media.

         I'd like to have samples!
Of course we will convice you of our superior product quality and send you free samples. Look and see!

         How to order?
Accepting our offer we need your order in written form. Please let us know delivery address, billing address and if available your valid VAT number (within the European Union). Please send us your artwork by e-mail to info@heliotexil.at 

Please check artwork for more details regarding requested files.